Shannon Devine

I'm trying to be an all-around artist; but mainly in a comic /manga style. I have my strenths (hopefully) but I am way too modest about my work.  I can be pretty hard on myself  but I am also often pleased with my progress when I can see it has happened.  If  YOU are READING this I would always love to talk ARTor BS with others about characters and anime, and pretty much whatever you want! XD I am also very excited to have my first comic up on the web XD Please check out, I will truly love you forever!!!! I like Drawing/Inking/Coloring Writing my own stories & comics Reading various art projects Nature Walks Coffee Shops Favourite movies Invader Zim*BLEACH*DEATHNOTE*SLAYERS*MONTE PYTHON*SNL) *D.Gray-Man *naruto *SNL *Scrubs *JTHM *Weeds *South Park *Kuroshitsuji Favourite books Poppy Z. Brite Neil Gaiman Anne Rice Thomas Harris Yashitaka Amano Artistic Manga, some fantasy, some horror, some yaoi X]' Favourite music (TOOL*NIN*MODESTMOUSE*PINKFLOYD*Primus*Deathcab*Led Zeplin*Heart*Franz Ferdinand*RHCP *Violent Femmes* *The Killers RAIDIOHEAD*Nirvana*Alice in Chains *Franz Ferdinand *Ministry *RHCP *Sissor sisters *Alice in chains *Metallica *Pantera