Lindsey M. Shaffer

Okay....I'm a bored, tired girl in Florida that draws because there's so many things in her head she needs to get them out, and the only way is with paper and pencil. I role-play as an outlet, and I'm constantly making up stories. I do fanart as often as original, and drive my friends -nutz- slipping in and out of reality. Generally, people in my town avoid me. I work a crappy part-time job in a drab little retail store, and get yelled at alllll them time for writing and drawing on the clock. Teehee ^_^. I'm one of those girls with a big, dumb smile, wild red-brown hair, and always look -smashing- in neon green. Yeah Baby. SO ANYWAYS. Just look at me few doodle and smile...then nod. And it works! Taa.