***I always enjoyed to show and share my art with the people around me, 'cause I loved the things I have created (however some of them were incomplete or unsatisfactory I love the work afterwards, because of my respect to labour and art of anybody else, I have the same respect to my work) * * * *I was born in 1982 March, am Pisces and live in Ankara, Turkey. As a university student in Industrial Engineering I have little time to draw but still I try to CREATE the TIME. (And for the master degree that I soo wanted in Industrial Product Designing, I have to study REALLY hard.. hmm, yes REALLY...) (If I had no obligation about earning money to live, I would have been studying fine arts, or Paleoantropology instead of engineering...) * * * *Since 1998 I have been trying to create a new, original fantastical realm of myself with her own history, geography, unique cultures and races, and deities. Well... Maybe it proceeds somewhat slower (if I am dissatisfied in something I throw the whole part into thrash and restart) than I thought but I think I will be able to finish it -in 5 to 20 years from now-! ^_^ Errr... yes, I will... surely... * * * *Favourite fantasy and/or sci-fi writers; Terry Pratchett(a very bad guy he is, I thought I was going to die with the aches in my stomach from laughing so much when I first read him), Douglas Adams(just as baaad) and Robert Jordan(I just fear he will die before finishing the WOT series, then we will have to go and raise him from the dead!) * * * *My real interest is in fantasy art, but a few unfinished drawings of Sci-Fi -spaceship models- are in Zone47 and a few written art is in my Wyvern's Library page....... * * * * * Shanyrria, you were always sitting on the rock next to mine in my cavern of inspirations , talking about dreams and imaginations wit me.. Never will we be separated; our dreams shall meet in Evermeet... 'L'elamshin d'lil ilythiiri zhah ulu har'luth jal...'