I'm living in Croydon, which is part Surrey, part South London in the UK.  Like most of us I spend a lot of my spare time writing and would love to chuck in the extremely dull day job and be a full-time writer. If I get anything published in Elfwood, I'd welcome any constructive criticism. I like Reading any fantasy or horror books I can get my paws on, writing the same, doing bad drawings of my characters (not good enough to be shown here!) and roleplaying (mostly postal/email RPGs though). I'm interested in vampires, werewolves (and other shapechangers) and elves, and tend to write about these creatures more often than not. Favourite movies I don't think the great fantasy movie has been done yet (*don't* mention Lord of the Rings - a travesty of Tolkien's work!); I have a soft spot for the original Star Wars movies, despite the ewoks. Other films in the genre I like are Highlander (just the first one!), Blade Runner and the fantasy-esque martial arts films - Croughing Tiger, etc. Some of my favourite films, though, are the creaky old Hammer Horrors - I'm fairly sure I can trace my attraction to vampires back to seeing Mr Lee in red contact lens and cloak at a young and impressionable age! Favourite TV, I'll go for The Avengers - not fantasy as such but escapism of the highest order! Oh, and Battle of the Planets; it was my first brush with Japanese animation, and totally blew me away, despite being the toned down US version. Oh yeah, and Doctor Who (of course!). Favourite books Changes all the time! I'd have to say A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin, because it was the book that got me interested in this genre many years ago! Oh, and I'm also a big fan of Poison Elves! Apart from that, I'll try pretty much any fantasy or werewolf/vampire horror novels, although I admit I'm getting less tolerant of sticking with stuff I don't 'get into' pretty quickly. Other writers I enjoy reading are Robin Hobb, Jennifer Roberson, Steven Brust, Freda Warrington, Peter Morwood, Raven Dane...and I've just finished The Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks, which I strongly recommend! Favourite music Rock and pop of the 60s/70s/80s - favourite bands include Queen, The Who, The Human League, Roxy Music, Ultravox, The B-52's...

A Night In The Life Of

This is a short introduction piece about a couple of characters I'm writing about in a 'dark world' series with vampires, weres and so on. They work as monster hunters for the Non-Human council. All comments/constructive criticism welcome!

The Turning

Not a story, just a short piece imagining how it feels to be turned by a vampire. I imagine it would be quite an erotic experience.


Another short piece. This is supposed to be set in a gritty, fantasy-cyberpunk world: the traditional fantasy elements of different races/magic and so on, but the world's technology has evolved to cyperpunk level and has the same 'life is cheap' feel to it. Any comments (including suggestions for a decent title!) gratefukky received!

The Hunter; prologue

The beginning of a story I started writting ages okay and have since stuttered to a halt. I'm hoping to get it re-started soon. It's set in a dark fantasy world, where vampires, wolvens (werewolves) and humans co-exist.