Karen Stevens

A Night In The Life Of

This is a short introduction piece about a couple of characters I'm writing about in a 'dark world' series with vampires, weres and so on. They work as monster hunters for the Non-Human council. All comments/constructive criticism welcome!

The Turning

Not a story, just a short piece imagining how it feels to be turned by a vampire. I imagine it would be quite an erotic experience.


Another short piece. This is supposed to be set in a gritty, fantasy-cyberpunk world: the traditional fantasy elements of different races/magic and so on, but the world's technology has evolved to cyperpunk level and has the same 'life is cheap' feel to it. Any comments (including suggestions for a decent title!) gratefukky received!

The Hunter; prologue

The beginning of a story I started writting ages okay and have since stuttered to a halt. I'm hoping to get it re-started soon. It's set in a dark fantasy world, where vampires, wolvens (werewolves) and humans co-exist.