Dagmara Mackiewicz

Me caemme ys Caer Mu'rehen :3 I like Drawing, reading books, photography, irish dance, archery, horse riding, writing, norse and celtic mythology, Ancient/Middle age/Renaissance history, art history Favourite movies Van Helsing, Brotherhood of the wolfes, Lord of the rings, Corpse Bride, 13th warrior, Beowulf Favourite books Lord of the rings(Tolkien), Chronicles of a second circle(Bialolecka), Laws and Duties(Pjankowa), Lords and ladies(Pratchett), Gates(Wojtowa), The Witcher saga(Sapkowski), And a lots of folk stories and fairytales:) Favourite music Hagalaz Runedance, Omnia, Faun, Garmarna, Apocalyptica, Dream Evil, Ayreon, Ensiferum, Blind Guardian, music from Bioware's RPG games