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My rendention of Nynaeve from the 'Wheel of Time' series by Robert Jordan. Nynaeve al’Meara was the Wisdom of Emond’s Field. She was constantly aggravated by claims that she was too young for the position. Nynaeve was also known as a healer whose cures sometimes worked in an almost miraculous manner. Nynaeve left the village in an attempt to bring back Rand al’Thor, Perrin Aybara, Mat Cauthon, and Egwene al’Vere. Instead of bringing them back, she became an important person in the battle between the Light and the Shadow. It was Moiraine Damodred. who first revealed to Nynaeve that she was able to channel the One Power. This explained why folk had always claimed Nynaeve was too young for her position, but she was less than happy to learn of this ability in herself. She initially believed the Power to be a filthy thing, but eventually came to realize this was not the case. Nynaeve’s arrival in Tar Valon was a major event, as she possessed more potential than any woman in a thousand years. As a result, she began her training in the White Tower not as a novice, but instead as an Accepted. Unfortunately, Nynaeve had a major block in her learning - she could only channel when angry. It was discovered that Nynaeve displayed a great Talent for Healing, which led to her eventual choice of the Yellow Ajah. She showed a great deal of interest in studying Logain Ablar, a false Dragon who had been gentled. Other Aes Sedai scoffed at this, maintaining that gentling could not be Healed. Nynaeve, believing that anything could be Healed, proved these other Aes Sedai wrong when she did in fact succeed in Healing Logain. Nynaeve has also earned the personal hatred of one of the Forsaken, Moghedien. This arises from Nynaeve defeating her in personal battles on two separate occasions, in one instance trapping her with an a’dam. It was also Moghedien who inadvertently removed Nynaeve’s block. In a moment near to death, Nynaeve completely surrendered to saidar for the first time; ever since she has been able to channel with ease. Nynaeve is married to Lan Mandragoran. Her love for Lan, which she did not even realize for some time, was one of the initial causes of friction between herself and Moiraine Sedai. A fiery temper and strong stubborn streak frequently make her difficult to deal with, but it is clear that Nynaeve al’Meara is an important part of the forces battling against the Shadow. -from wotmania.com

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