Shanna Schopmeyer

I'm an imagineer at heart. I love to read and spend quite a bit of time working through the stories in my head. I enjoy the art that results from the hard work that is put into the process of creating art, whether that art is writing or illustration. Though recently my time has been consumed by such things as: graduate school, moving, getting married, and working, my creative hobbies still have a place in my heart. I like cats, dogs, tigers, sharks, horses, fantasy, horror Favourite movies Legend, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth

Untitled - Lyria

A second story set in the same parallel world as my 'Untitled-Flame' story. This one revolves around a nother of Flames friends, eventually it will be a trilogy of 3 books. One for each of the 3 friends.

Daemon's Revenge

A short short story I wrote to give some insight into a characters backgroud, I'm working on expanding this particaluar storyline slightly. Please note that this story has an extreme violence warning.

Being Alone, Being Lost

A poem I wrote when I was feeling down, it always helps to write things out.

Crystal Tears

A story about a young girls quest to find the murderers of her parents a dragon soulmate.

Frog Princess

A quick adaptation of the fairy tale the Frog Price. Only this is my version of it. it's a narrative.

Demon World

A story set on the planet 'New Terra' a dark shadow world of earth, overrun with demons and other evil beings. The story of my character CyberHawk.


Well, it's just a poem. Right now It has no special meaning.

BrightBlade - Chapter 2

Refer to Chapter one for a creative story description...=P

BrightBlade - Chapter One

Ahh, My pet project. This is my story that I work on the most often. The title is very subject to change since I'm not overfond of it. Please note scenes of violence are in this story. The first chapter.

Cupid and Pysche - retold by Venus

A story that is retold from the point of view of an irate and angry mother in law.

A Mermaid & The Unicorn

A surreal story that I came up with spur of the moment, to demonstrate using two topics and creating a story about it, as a result and since I didn't use an outline the story didn't really flow as well as I'd like it to.

Shattered Images

Flame's story about a vampire serial killer she gets to help catch, she meets her vampire brother and finds out about her past along the way.


A story set far far far in the future, in a galaxy not so far away. This was inspired after reading some of David Webers works and well I like how it's turning out but it's pretty much unfinished. Mild violence warnings.

BrightBlade - Chapter 3

See Chapters 1 & 2 for descriptions...=D