I'm located in Queensland, Australia, at the moment I'm living with my boyfriend and doing some art and playing World of Warcraft in my spare time. (As well as watching movies, going out, eating...etc :p)I've always been interested in art, music and anything fantasy. I enjoy drawing, though I used to do it a lot more. Recently I have started using the computer and Photoshop a lot more to create art from scratch! (nothing fancy though ;p) I am a huge fan of 80's Cartoons and movies such as The Dark Crystal and The Last Unicorn! The Princess Bride was an awesome movie (and book) I do spend time at Elftown, my user name is pixie_shimmer :)You can see my photography and non-fantasy related artwork at my Deviantart gallery, the link is located at the side :)   I like Fantasy, Fairies, Unicorns, Elftown, World of Warcraft, Art, Music, Michael, makeup Favourite movies The Dark Crystal, The Princess Bride, The Last Unicorn...etc Favourite books Mercedes Lackey, Isobelle Carmody, The Harry Potter Series (of course)