Cookie: The Bard's Shield

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Shara Donohue

A shortbread cookie.This is the coat of arms of Aralion Eshda. Aralion is an elvish bard, known across the kingdom for his... "Ahem, if I may?" ...hmmm... apparently he would prefer to introduce himself... "Greetings my fairest and kindest of friends! I am Aralion Eshda, a bard of no little consequence! I know any song you would ever want to hear, and if I don't know it, it isn't worth hearing! I am a wooer of women and a teller of tales, known throughout seven kingdoms as the GREATEST bard in the land, and the other two kingdoms I have visited simply have no ear for music. My dancing is as fair as my song, and if you still doubt me, it is only fair to say that my song is as fair as my countenance. Modest you say? My modesty is known FAR and wide!!!" Well, er... there you have it. This is the coat of arms of Aralion Eshda, an Elven bard with a handsome face and a burdensome ego. This is a shield he sent to the birthday celebration of Sir David Evans a Gaeist Knight of the Aran mountain.  On a more practicual note, the coat of arms is an iced cookie (or biscuit) baked from scratch and painted with food coloring. The cookie WAS created for a birthday party, and hung on the battlements of a (Somewhat unsuccessful) castle cake. Media: Flour, butter, sugar, baking soda, vanilla extract, and food coloring. Lots of food coloring.

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