Compass Rose: Game Board

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Shara Donohue

I set out to create a board game as a gift for a young friend who adores pirates, and here is the result; a one of a kind game called Compass Rose, based around a fictional country called Rostand and its surrounding islands. The game is based in the fictional country of Rostand. Rostand is the only country in Alziarha which gains most of its revenue through smuggling. Featured are such pirates as Red Hand, who is rumored to be a witch, and Scarlet Jack and Thressa Compton, two fierce blackguards who can change their  appearance at will....  Media: Acrylic paint, mica powders, fabric "puff" paint and gesso. The game "board" is on canvas rather than cardboard or wood, because canvas rolls up, making it easier to carry and store. Different colored squares have different rules, some require you to roll again, or lose a turn, and so on. The goal of the game is to enter the final island (in the bottom right corner) with 150 Treasure Tokens. I hope to post another photo containing Treasure Tokens and other game pieces. A description of the game storyline follows: For many years now, the seas around the country of Rostand have been a treacherous place to sail, for pirates seem to lurk at every corner. If it weren’t for the port’s bustling trade, no merchant would risk such waters. You, of course are one of these pirates,o easily making a living from what the sea has to offer. But now things have changed.  Ships have been sent to rid the sea of privateers, buccaneers and the like, and drawings of you and your crew seem to hang on every wall. The Wanted posters didn’t even get your good side… So now you have to make your way to a hidden island just off the coast, with as much treasure as you will need to wait out the law. You will need to gain that treasure, and sail perilous waters to succeed in your goal. All the while you will need to avoid the navy and other pirates with the same idea so you can reach the island first. Please remember that the game: Board, Pieces, Rules, and All are Mine. A lot of work, artistic and even mathematical went into it for a dear friend. Please don't use any of the rules, information or artwork without my permission.

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