I always wanted to make movies, ever since I was little. Now I can actually make movies, because I bought a digital video camera. I sent one in to the Anchorage International Film Festival, and they played it. It was called TREES, about a boy who was afraid of trees, and then he was attacked by them, and overcame his fear of trees. Unfortunately, the time I went to it, it was in between a bunch of documentaries, one was about trees, and some of the people didn't like it. But I still got it in, and some people did like it. I hope that someday I am the world's most famous moviemaker. I also like drawing and writing books, but I never get my books published, and most of the time I don't finish them. I like drawing fantasy and science fiction pictures, and sometimes other things too. I like action stories, and I like drawing exciting pictures, scary pictures, funny pictures, and lots of pictures. One time I was drawing a picture of a giant fire-breathing chicken for my grandma, but I was forced into making it a cute chicken with baby chicks around it, in a green grassy place with flowers. I'm never drawing that again, but I am drawing fire-breathing chickens.