Annette Burke

Hello! Welcome to my fan art page. I know I haven't been real active here on Elfwood lately, but I'll try to update more often. I'm not going to take down the old stuff in this gallery right now (cause I don’t do enough new fan art to make it sensible), so you can see if you think I've improved.  The oldest picture here is probably the Star Wars picture, but it may not provide the best comparison for improvements to the newest stuff. If you want to see other stuff by me, I invite you to look at my sci fi/fantasy gallery or go to my deviantART page where I am more active. I love comments, but I do prefer that they actually relate to the picture I have drawn. I do like to know what you think of the picture, if you like it, don’t like it, or what you think of it. Also, I’m not really fond of posessive comments, such as those claiming a character as theirs (as in boyfriend/lover/husband/etc.), so please don’t do that.