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Dueling Banjos

As a child of the liberal arts, I don't just dabble in the written word, but I also enjoy acting on the stage. I wrote this monologue one evening as a stream of conciousess excerise. I've also performed this one during a monologue showcase at a local theater. It's always fun playing a crazy....

The Never Demon (poem)

Good vs Evil is the cliche battle that has been raging on since the beginning of time. Most movies and books major theme is that the good guys will always triumph over evil. But even good guys have a darkness just as bad guys have a speck of light. This poem is about that demon that can lurk inside even the purest of hearts.


This story is part of James K. Bowers' Project 7 (or 7.5) since I wrote it well past the given deadline. Even so, I was still inspired by his 'seed' story and added to it in my own fashion. With that generic intro out of the way, I will say lastly that this story is set in The Undermoon, a political world of warring factions of mythical creatures held together by the neutral policing force of the Undermoon and its agents. Also... continue reading Behind the Glass to find out more of the story...

To Sweet Dreamers (poem)

I've always been fascinated by the fabric of the evening sky and all the astral bodies that guard us when we sleep. Thus inspired, I wrote this poem in 1996. Looking at it now, I can say I don't really like this one very much. It's just too 'sweet' I suppose. Until I come up with a better one, I'll leave it here for everyone to read.

oh (poem)

'Why do I stay awake to talk to you?' This is a real question I asked someone once at 3 a.m. after an amusing, nocturnal phone conversation.

There Are Wolves 2

Chapter Two: Corey dreams of a tragic event in Bastien's past.

The Twilight Niche (poem)

This is a just a little poem sent by my Muse to inspire me when I was stuck in a severe case of writers block.

After Happily Ever After: A Play in One Act

This was once a story by a now ex-Elfwood writer named Frank A. Almond. It was incomplete (at the time) and I only read it up to the part where the witch was alone on the road. I was so impressed by the story, I turned it into a one act play. I added a character and changed things around a bit. Everything in the plot, including dialogue after the witch is left alone on the road, is of my own invention. I have contacted Frank A. Almond though, (thanks Eliza!) and have his blessing (whew!) to have this play posted here in my gallery. ::grins:: With all explanations said and done, enjoy the show!

There Are Wolves 1

Stars, magic, laughter, tragedy, gypsies, love, romance, danger, werewolves, and fun... who could ask for anything more?

Behind the Glass Chapter 1

The Undermoon isn't a place... it is all around us. It exists to maintain peace and order between the mortal and mythical creatures on Earth. This is a story about what happens when chaos threatens to tear apart the fabric of the Undermoon's neutralizing force. But first we begin with the lovely but sleepless Aurora Grayson who has no idea that her life is about to change forever...

Mosaic of You (poem)

A poem inspired by a good friend...

I do (poem)

A poem written for someone from once upon a time...

Away the World (poem)

Hmmm...check out the rhythm patterns in this one. Notice anything? ::wink wink::

Behind the Glass Chapter 2

Aurora's dream of Dacian turns out to be more prophetic than she could ever have imagined...

A Fairytale Castle

This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We had to describe the 'essence of a setting' in 100 words or less and it ain't easy. I decided to describe a fairy-tale castle. I may turn this into a real story. I have a few ideas, but for now, I think it can stand alone just fine!

The Mummy's Smile (poem)

We take a lot of things for granted in life... what happens in death?