I have interests in Astromomy, Arceology, Palaeontology (anything over 2,000 years old), acient scripts, mythology and belief systems and birds. My carrer aspirations follow a similar path but include botany as well, I hope to incorporate art into my career.  Okay now I'm studying Archaeology and Classics (Ancietn Greek Latin) at Uni. Also now 19 and still haven't gotten drunk- a little tipsy but not drunk (Aussi drinking age is 18). Much gratitude goes to Maxine for periodically letting me vist her scanner.And now for the Fan Art addition:I hope for this to become a fair representation of my interests. I like both sci-fi and fantasy. The Sci-fi I like are, in no real order, Doctor Who, Star -Trekk, -Gate, -Wars, those sort. It'll be fairly obvious that I'm a fan of Fianl Fantasy and I like the Hayo Miyazaki movies. I like a variety of other shows and movies and they may or may not get drawn. Any way enjoy and don't forget to comment! I like drawing, archeology (ergo I like Daniel Jackson of Stargate), playing piano (esp the music of Final Fantasy) Favourite books The Pearl Saga by Eric Van Lustbadder