Shelz Keast

I have been in the Art and Fanquarter sections of Elfwood for nearly  four years now. Be nice, I really don't know what my writing's like and I haven't done creative writing in a couple of years. I like Birds, video games, Archaeology, dead languages Favourite movies There is such a selestion but, Stargate is a good start. Favourite books The Pearl Saga by Eric Van Lustbader, The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix and his other books.

Evolutionary Origins: They God's Story

This is a far more fleshed out version of the creation of my character Evo who has appared in several of my art pieces. The setting is heavily influenced by Classical mythology and there are a couple of Anceint Greek derived words in there. I like the Classics but not enough to try and write in hexameter. Of note: The name Ranunculi is derived from the Latin for tadpole. Ranunculi can either mean 'tadpoles' or 'beloning to a/the tadpole'.