Evoloutionary Origins

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Straigther version. Didn't realise the original upload was a bit wonky.   The god of Evoloution wasn't happy. None of the other deities respected him. The Shinto spirits laughed at him because he couldn't fit into a rock or tree. The Egyption pantheon had rejected him on the grounds that he neither had a animal head or looked good without his shirt on. The Greeks and the Romans thought he was a bit of a cissy, not chasing after women all the time and refusing to pillage his neighbours farms. And the Norse gods ignored him because he couldn't even hold a single broardsword.   He'd show them someday, some how. He set of to the Valhala quarter. Atleast they let him have some of the ale. He knew humans used that stuff to feel better.   It was 2 o'clock in the morning. After numerous pints the god of Evoloution didn't feel any better, infact he felt distictly worse. But he had an idea forming. It involved lots of fangs and claws and tentacles and whatever else could be fitted on to a living creature. He meandered out side to start work bumping into a few vikings on the way (who couldn't even be bothered to draw an axe at such a pathetic sight). ---------   She looked around bemusedly. There was a toga clad person beside her bent double sounding very uncomfortable. It was all very new to her, she wasn't quite sure what was expected of her. She felt her self evoulving for the situation. As gently as she could she extended one clawed fore-paw and gently patted the figure on the back.   ----------   Finaly the precice details of my character Evo's origins are cemented. Evo, short for Evouloution, is singular female creature who, despite appearnces, is very kind. Her pesonality stuck when she comforted her creator, a bit like the TARDIS from the TV show Doctor Who.   Run down of the signs: Top left the runes read "Walhala needs Jou". The poster is based on Alfred Leete's "Your country needs you" poster used for recruting troops in Britian. The most prominent bit of graffiti on the half timbered building is my singniture. The rest of the writting is in my rather blandly named Wraith B script. The poster with the rainbows and clouds above the god reads "3 Lecrecorns" (there being no 'p' or 'b' letters in the script). The sign on the chinese building reads "No standing at any time" which has always puzzled the denisens of Valhala. The rest of the letters are meaningless scribbles.  

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