Wraith Behaving Badley

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Shelz Keast

To quote Monty Python " And now for something completely differnet..." Coloured, and just in time for the new year. I would really like some constructive critism on this piece. It looks very yellow on my main computer but looks fine on the laptop.This was originally going to be just one drunk Wraith but it sort of blossomed out to include all the extant characters from Stargate Atlantis. 20 people all up. With the exception of Todd all the other Wraith are just random gate-crahers. The drunk wraith is saying "hic...ish empty...why ish ish empty?" in the Wraith script. I like it, it's pretty.Left to right in an apropriately wiggly line:Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill have just arrived on Atlantis to find this...Ronon signing away with a bottle of something green and noxius. The naked one behind him is Major Lorne.... Well some one had to get their kit off. Mr Woolsey is singing kareoke to Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'. Completely out of character. In the utterly hideous green and gold pants (probably a subconcius reaction to having the Boxing Day Test on TV in the background) is Col. Caldwell. Next to him and dacing a higland jig is bonnie Carson Beckett.No, Lt. Col. John Sheppard is not about to smash a golf club over Todd's head. He's teaching him the finer 'pointsh' of the game. Although cracking his skull probably would be an option if he finds out Todd's nicked the last can.Radek Zalenka is doing very well beating the Wraith at shot-glass chess. One Wraith is already down for the count and the other is soon to follow (Zalenka is extremly good at chess). Believe it or not there was a Czech guy in my year 12 physics class who also like Stargate. He happend, one day, to recount what it was like playing shot-glass chess with Czech moonshine.Dr Keller looks like she's enjoying dancing with that wraith. Shame Rodney McKay, the boyfriend, isn't so keen on it. So in he gallently comes to do something heroicly stupid. The other Wraith seem to be fighting over a bottle of something...Finally, in the back corner is Teyla snogging a wraith queen. I would be extremely suprised if that hasn't alreadly been done before some where else....and requiring a higher parental rating. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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