Jennifer Ellis

Hello! My name is Kittie and I'm very pleased to bring back my art to this website. I had originally gone under Shen-Kara, but there were some problems with people trying to claim my artwork as theirs and yadda yadda blah dee blah blah. So now that i'm making things clear to everyone that I will prove that every piece is mine (even in court if i have to), may'haps people will respect others as well as myself. Don't let copyright infringement keep you from posting your art and showing your talents to the world. ^.^ *~Kittie~* Whee Update! Well let me see...I've come into contact with a VERY dear person again. *Waves at Sir Alexander Frost* hey sweets, nice to have you back ^.^ *sighs* it's always nice to find old friends again isn't it? hehehe anyhow...i did an (yes i know cliche) Elemental and Seasonal series...Earth, Aire, Fyre, Water are awaiting authorization by the mods (took me FOREVER in Paint to remove the lines) and Spring and Winter as well. Summer has yet to be scanned and Autumn is being put on hold until either the muse comes back ...ot i learn to draw leaves properly *chuckles* i've had a few requests for pieces that i'm working on... feel free to ask for a few bits of character design and whatnot...seeing as how i'm not THAT spectacular, i'll do the first 20 or so for free...if i get into high demand i might charge the cost of supplies for each piece hehe...on with the posting then ta ta ^.^ *~Kittie~*