Sherry Thomas

Hi! I am a 41 year old single mother who loves to draw anything that comes to mind. I mostly enjoy doing fantasy art especially where unicorns and angels are involved. I have just recently took up my pencil again after a long period of being just a mother. I hope to become even better as far as my drawings go. Just recently I have gotten into the color thing. I have a very hard time putting color into my pictures but have decided just to get brave and go for it.I have always loved drawing. Since I was a little girl, I could remember always drawing. It was an escape from ordinary life. When I was in school, I was always in love with art and craft time. When I progressed into the higher grades where art was a graded class, I jumped right in feet first. I was ready to take on anything. I wanted to learn all mediums I could. I did not stop there. I took on all kinds of arts. I took on vocal classes and band classes. I have always had a passion for the arts. Unfortunately, I lived in a small town and did not have too many opportunities to get into any of the more professional arts.Enough about me now. I will let you wander through my little neck of the woods and judge for yourself whether my art sings to you or inspires you. I welcome any kind of criticism as long as it is not hurtful or down right nasty. Now go forth and traipse through my little fantasy land. If you want to see a really good and special artist, go to this gallery. This person is very special and I hope he gets what he is looking for in life. Hope you enjoy his art as well. Darrell 'Kell' Pestana Someone who once was very dear to me and still is. I love his art but love him more. I hope his life is taking him where he wants to go.Here is another friend of mine. I like his unusual art. Hopefully you will too. Theodore Roy HellqvistHere are some other artists I think deserves to be mentioned. Thea Burras Iris Compiet Norma A Peters Sarina Renne Johnston Jenn Chasteen Isabelle Parlenvi Michelle Stephenson P. Hakonen Gale A. Turner GUINEL Anne Ana Magalhaes E. *Guaya* Cantor Crystal Johnson Sarah Allinger Richard White Jason Peters Nicole L. Grosjean Anu Jalo Naomi Repper (a.k.a. omi-chan) Rebecca Skjondal