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Megan Wright

Yes, this is what happens when extreme boredom strikes in English. Well, they're all dragons, if you didn't guess that from the title, the biggest one in the center is a Lightning Dragon, bottom left is a Fire Dragon, bottom right is a (well, THE, there's supposedly only one in my little universe) Light Dragon, the Dragon above the Light Dragon is a Normal Dragon, and the remaining one at the top is a Teleport dragon. Yes, the kanji near the bottom means 'dragon', and the Ryuu in the top right corner is the romanji-written version of the kanji. And... that's all Japanese, in case you were wondering. Anywho, yeah. Dragons.

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This is actually a poem I wrote, expressing my desire to sprout wings and fly. A desire I'm sure many other people have, or maybe it's just me, but anywhodillywho, here it is. Hope it's out there enough that no one get mad at me. ^_^;

Never Ending Desire - Chapter 1

Here it is! The random story that I began writing one rainy day when I was extremely bored! It's my 'epic fantasy/whatever tale', and it is rather random, I just wrote it, I haven't fine tuned it or anything, so a critique of constructive quality is greatly appreciated. Enjoy! Or not, just comment about it!

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This is a story idea that one of my friends and me came up with. The idea's kinda cliche and done a lot, but I like it anyway. And a cliche is still good, if you can pull it off right. I don't know if I'll be able to help do that, but yeah. Anyway, it's basically about a Vampire, a female Vampire, so she calls herself a Vampiress. I looked at Vampires in a bit different light in this story; it being foremost an occupation, as well as a state of being. It was a CHOICE for someone down the line to become a Vampire, taking on the undead qualities, then their offspring obviously has no choice but to be Vampires. Anyway, it is the rather cliche Vamp/Slayer romance, but I hope to give the idea justice. This is basically the prolouge, defining who the main 'heroine' really is. I wrote it in first person, a point of view I usually don't write in, so I suppose this whole thing is an experiment. Well, I hope you like it. If not, leave whatever CONSTRUCTIVE critisim you wish. So, yeah. Enjoy.

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