Whew... what a crazy beginning year!! I did pretty well in school.. I bombed math, my supposable best subject, but I'll do it again in the summer. My school has chosen to do a Japanese course and I'm in it!! ^-^ I'm so psyched!! I know my alphabet, well speaking it, I can't write them all, yet. I have finished my Art Trades!!! Enjoy my updates!!On the To-Do List:Futureistic Band Group - unfinished: drawing, coloring, outlining.Queen of Spades for Chii: Unfinished, outlining and colouring.Ace of Hearts for Nix: Unfinished, outlining and colouring.Lightning Mage Peter: Unfinished, outlining and colouring.Art trade with Kaylie/Chii Nahamko (Leifang and Ayane in white costumes): Unfinished, drawing, outlining and colouring.Full Name* Jonathan Clarence PrettyNicknames* Jonny, Jonnieboy, Shinji~kun, Shin or Shinji, Kyou or KyoAge* 16Birthdate* December 31stSun Sign* CapricornFavorite Food* Tempura, Japanese Mandarin Oranges, Pasta, Sushi, Chocolate .:d r o o l:.Favorite Colors* Blue, Black, Green, Sakura blossom pink ^-^Gross Foods* zucchini, pineapple, un-cooked onions *shudder*, Box made cheese potatoes, peanut butterFavorite Anime Characters* Rabi~en~Rose and Petit Charat (Digi Charat), Rei, Kaoru and Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Chi and Plum (Chobits), Rikku and Lulu (Final Fantasy X/X-2), Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Moon), Eclipse (Demon Diary), Aya, Ceres, Suzumi and Tooya (Ayashi no Ceres), Sango, Kagome, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru (Inuyasha), Kyou, Haru and Hana~chan (Fruits Basket)Here are some of Elfwoods best artists also my favorite artists here in Elfwood!First, My Favorite Artist here on Elfwood, make sure you see ALL of her galleries!!Yuki R. YoshidaHere's more that are really awesome Artist!Kaylie Dawn Nahamko,Hian H. Rodriguez,Viet-My 'Ravenskar' Bui,Barbara Malczeska,Annika Smidt,Carla *Karasu nyo* Bender,Kayun Li,Michelle F. Dube,Norma A. Peters,N. Duong,Steph Ekmanis,Xue Sun,Kat Wilson,Steph *Stephie* Germain,Howard Faria,Tiffany L. Nours,Jennifer (*Lily*) A. Menzi,Tang Sin Yun,Amy Chang,Marie Lu,S. Silverstis' Strand,Yang Shan,Yisha Zhao,Lorraine-marie Scanlon,Stanley R. Sison Well, that's all the ones I've seen who are really talented. There will eventually be more, but let's just keep it at this for now ^^ Please post comments! I love to read them =^-^=