Jared Hand

 UPDATE: I got my G.E.D. and yes its been a while since I have been on Elfwood, been doing other things. I kinda lost my drawing talent to be honest. but I will redeem myself and hopefully I could draw again. cause right now my life is busy busy. (im 18 years old) I love manga, so I am trying to learn how to draw it and stuff. If I concantrate on it and get less distacted than I can do it. and Im also a Fantasy Theif in my own little world.I started drawing manga since. Oh 2 years ago. although its a little hard than it looks. I am trying...though "how did I learn to draw manga?" you ask. well I guess you could say I did "self-taught" kinda thing. using any of libary books of any diffrent book brand but have one thing in common.. "how to draw manga" I checked out so many different kinds of how to do it there were so many styles and how to do it kinda thing. but hey I guess alot of research dosen't hurt anybody right?I got sensitive feelings (don't hurt them OK :) )The one thing I really hate is getting disturbed from my artwork. whenever what I try to think about to do on my artwork or whatever artwork im working on. I get really nasty and angry about it.I also don't like nude artwork very much. ( Im ok if they are covered up ya know)I try not swear at all. (sometimes its slips though :( ) just don't swear at me! ok (other wise I would get upset)most of the time I get really lonley ( cause I hardly ever go outside because of the dangrous world out there )I hope on this site. people would give me advice and encorage me to draw more. so I could feel more confindent despise the distractions. and I am a person who dosen't give up. and give me comments I REALLY LOVE COMMENTS I don't care if you say "Nice work" or "Cute" or "I love the detail on the hair"  Ill make sure and reply to them as soon as I can.BE AWARE I GOT FAIRY DUST. I like Video Games (trying to quit them though. waste of time.) (but my favorite video games are: Golden Sun 1 & 2 and Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones and Final Fantasy tactics advance and 5 & 6) reading manga whatever I could find. Playing Yu Gi Oh trading card game. stare into space. listin to raido news (not very often though) Favourite movies Legend of the Seeker, Xena the Warrior Princess, Twilight Zone (Raido Drama) Lord of the Rings. Favourite books The Wanderer, The Thief Favourite music New Age, Gametrack, Comedy