I'm finally on Elfwood, after eons of waiting, and I'm going to annoy the good people of the wood with my childish drawings and simple little plots. Beware! The bio picture is of me and my German Shepard mix puppy. She's huge! And if I turn my back for a second, she chews up another one of my favorite things. First time I checked, she had eaten the spine of a brand-new Fullmetal Alchemist artbook. Most recently, she's devowered my mom's leopard-prinet slippers. Anywho, in my opinion, the dragon is the mightiest of all beasts, and no other creature can compare to its awesome power and majesty. Hayao Miyazaki, Hiromu Arakawa, Masashi Kishimoto, Satoshi Kon, and Goro Miyazaki are my idols. I do not do commissions exept on very special occasions, they are just too annoying. I have posted a few times as annonmous commenter 'ryu', and though I am relatively inexperianced artist, I am determined to go to collage as an art student and publish my own manga. Any feedback would be deeply apprieciated, I am seriously seeking to improve. Anyway, please enjoy whatever arkwork I eventually post here... Thanks for coming! I LOVE MANGA!!! Likes: manga/anime, drawing, painting, kitties, dogs, playing on the internet, anime conventions, shopping at import/comic stores, books Dislikes: pink, preppies, shoe shopping, history class, math in general, hot weather, mondays (who doesn't?), marvel comics (too cheesy) My quote: 'Perfection is an illusion. The closest thing to a flawless drawing is saticfaction in the artist's eyes.' -ShiroRyu