Shelby Buckner

Well, I've been waiting to get on Elfwood for a long time. I love dragons and most fantasy animals. I hate plagarism and narrow-minded people (idiots). I do not do commissions exept on very special occasions, they are just too annoying. I am new to the entire Elfwood scene, though have posted a few times as annonmous commenter 'ryu'. Even though I a new artist, I am determined to go to collage as an art student and publish my own manga. Any feedback would be deeply apprieciated, I am seriously seeking to improve. Anyway, please enjoy whatever arkwork I eventually post here... Thanks for coming! MIYAZAKI AND NARUTO RULE! I LOVE ANIME!!! Favorite words: suddenly, bitter, fierce, myth, beast, Ghibli, spirit, spiral, dragon, anthromorph Least favorite words: like, good, sad, bad, happy, evil, weird, mad, retard, dumb