Catalina Silva A.

Im (now!! T-T) 17, and im from Temuco, Chile. As you can see, fantasy is one of my favourite drawing themes. Just say that I love to draw bishonens (georgeus guys) and im an adict to my drawing block, I take it with me everywhere. (It is truth... have you seen someone drawing in the snow, in the rain? in the beach, and at school, in my dad's car, in the bathroom... ¬¬ hey! no, not in bathroom) I admire a looooooot of people here!! all are so talented. I wish i could have someone who teach me in arts... all what I know was learned by myself. oh! I have my own history with very cool characters, if you wan't to know more about someone of them, you have to tell me =3 Too much words, feel like home and I hope you like this place!! Thanks to my family, mi sister Tet-Chan, my best friends Pawa and Spike. Want to see some great talents in the woods? then you can take a look to Soul Chaser's gallery ~ Yesi Chan's gallery Awwww, by the way, I love people who cemment my drawings ^-^