A. D. Harrison

HAAAAZZZZZZZAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Welcome travelers of all ages!Welcome and I thank ye for droppin' by. I am an incredibly huge Zelda nut, so you'll probably be seein' a lot more of that before any other fanworks.And praise God that I made an update!!!!!It's been a while, I know. Please forgive. Well I hope you all enjoy the new apdates, and please leave a comment, whether it is critizism or compliment. Anything would be very appretiated.:D * * * * *****U P D A T E!!!***** To all those who visite and comment....THANK YOU!! And a very special shout-out to Laruto(sage of the earth temple) and her sister JDepp's medli: thanks so much for ALL the comments; you're both so cute and sweet. Please forgvie-I know I don't update as often as I would like to, but if it's any better, you can see more recent stuff on my deviantArt page. Of course you won't be able to leave a comment there if you're not a member, sorry, but you can alway e-mail me. :] OH!!!!!!! And please don't think I have forgotten about yoor commision of Laruto. I have drawn her. The internet has just been down for about a mounth & 1/2. Yes I still need to color it, but I think I just might upload the pencil anyway sence you've been waiting oh so patiently. I think you'll like it. I also did a Fado picture , tho I can't remember If you wanted one or not. Again thank you so much for always commenting, and usually being the first to do so!!! HUGS & MORE HUGS FER YA!!!!!! ++++++TO ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST!!!!!!!+++++++ Praise be to Him who is so wonderful to us, we simple children who always do something wronge :D! Always look to our Father for help, no matter how big or how small, He wants to help you. :] And praise Him that we are able to see one more day!!!!!!!!! YEA VERILY!!!!