Pseudozoology: Green Dragon

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Bronzes (Geochromadraco gigantus) live in the desert, hunting elephants, and reproduce asexually. Often wrongly called the Wyvern because of it's blatant size. And contrary to certain myths, they have leathery wings, not feathered. A Bronze lays four to six football sized, cylindrical, Tan- or Earth Green-with-gold-mottling eggs. Crocodile-sized Blue Dragons (Pelicodraco maritimus) are the pelicans/seagulls of the superorder Draconia, and often will travel thousands of miles to breed in leks. 75 foot Black dragons (Gigadraco theriznoceras)are descended from Blue dragons, and are loners, but pair up during the mating season, after which the drakes grow ten feet in a year average for many dragon species known today, and need no parenting from hatching. However, they are forest dwellers and are active, and hunt, at night, often spotted from a distance, backlighting the forest scenario with fire while defending their territory. White Dragons (Antarcticodraco integumenta) are cousins to the black, also being descended from Blues, but inhabit the icy snowfields of Antarctica. They are much smaller than the giant bronzes and blacks, about the size of the 25-foot-long blue, and have evolved a kind of thick, shaggy covering of hollow, transparent, reflective protofeathers, much like polar bears, their would-be competition, if they bothered to migrate. However, their wings are null and void considering a shaggy coat doesn't translate well into the bigger picture of flight. Mainly it is thought that in a few millennia, White dragons' wings will be simple vestiges. Greens (Equusraptor dromaeus) are Plains Animals, having recently evolved to feed on horses and other grass-grazers. Reds are an extremely rare glimpse, and they are not very science friendly, but they are sometimes seen fighting Bronzes for territory, so it is assumed they are rogue-gened Bronzes who don't blend in very well. Green dragons are sprinters, aided by their wings and supplemented by powerful flight. Wings measure 35 feet, large for the dragon's size (less than fifty pounds, 25 feet long)

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