Amy Williams

I am a child of collected years. A poet, a priestess, a firey woman I laugh my sorrow into the ground, raise my eyes to the sound of rain, and wait for the ocean to swallow the bones ... Greetings friends, old and new. After my long absense, I must say that I'm still writing, and yes, I will do my best to update this unloved corner of the Wood. Its good to see that people still linger here, pick up my words and press them to their hearts. In the time between when I last updated this bio and now, life has offered many lessons and quite alot of change. I am less bitter now, taking the greens of summer into my heart and weaving poetry from the songs of morning crows. I am a poet as always, minus the iron yoke of fear. Thank you all for your amazing commentary.. 8/15/05 The work displayed here is old. The most recent piece was penned in 2002 (Paper Fox), the rest are from 1999-2001. Good friends: Andrew Euston Gripping, epic: his writing style will lure you into his world Kolton Berry brilliant mind to explore...Cassie Burr My dear friend's photoshop sketches. Anne 'TK' Brand My personal illustrator and Canadian friend. Megan Burns A brilliant artists and gaurdian of my literary ego. Photo by Bryan Harrison 2002. Making his mark on Elfwood!! An amazing writer: Bryan Harrison

Night of the Hunter

Rythm and heat pounds against pavement where blood counts as currency and love proves fickle. Part one of a work in process... Written 2000-2001

Blue Plate Special

A cold November night in a less than hygenic diner; Fiona clad in her usual black atire and attitude ponders violence over coffee... a funny twist at the end. Written 2002?


The tremulous voice of the city as understood by a girl who has tasted every flavor of rain. Insane or painfully observant? A young woman's struggle with reality, dogma, beauty, destruction, love and the possibility of living. Brilliant.... Written 2001.

Humorous Blood

A moment of deep thinking followed by a review of a vampiric menu. A page long short laden with inside jokes... Written in 2000?

Laugh a Garden of Thorns

What is the true definition of conscience? How far can delusion take you? Black roses which know the flavor of fear.... Written 2001-2002.

Paper Fox

Autumn whispers through the Old Wood, the secret place of demons and gods. Kita finds her heritage in the eyes of a Kitsune.... Part one. Written 2002.

Shadowed Eyes

Dark mystery and stormy nights; a vampire tale to chill. My oldest work... Written early 1999.


For Bryan... Dragons, faery, wind and flame; who will reply to the sea's roared name? A tale that spans life times; two souls who meet and part only to meet again... Written 2001.

Kiss of the Night

To have lusted and lost with the aid of potent seduction. Sorcery and moonlight...a werewolf favorite. A bit rough around the edges... Written in 1999.

The Briarwood Fox

For Isaac... Folktale magick and a happy ending; soul mates who find each other in the womb of the forest. A child's tale gone romantic... Written on New Year's Eve 2000-2001.