Silje Fadnes

HI!!!! ooh, you came to my little gallery did you:) *happy* I reckon you already know my name,ey? (look up) well, I'm currently 15, and I'm from the little land called Norway. quite happy living here actually:) I started to draw when I was...uhm....3? (think I could hold a crayon by that age...) And I have loved it ever since. I didn't start developing it until a couple of years ago, though, and that was also when i discovered the cool world of fantasy. uhm...yeah.... I like Lord of the Rings (yes, the books too, not just the movie), Harry Potter and other fantasy stuff. my passion besides art is music, mostly rock, metal and punk. I am a huge fan of the rock band KISS (and I mean HUGE), but I do listen to different music (although KISS have over 30 records, so there are plenty to coose from..;)). what I listen to then is Alice Cooper, Metallica, Twisted Sister, Queen, The Beatles...and lots more... well you can go see my pics now. comments are highly appreciated. and you know, it would've been really cool if you went to my fanart gallery too! *points right at the link*