Welcome to my Elfwood Gallery! :) I'm a brazilian artist. Most of my inspiration comes from nature, literature, movies, music, mythology and folklore. Artworks in several mediums: pencils, pastels, ink, watercolors, acrylics, oil on canvas, digital (Photoshop), etc. Many styles and themes: realistic, semi-realism, comics, manga, fantasy, ornate, etc. Available for commissioned work: portraits, fantasy and mythological themes, animals, characters, pinups, heraldry, tattoos, etc. My website: Luna Art (in English). Info, gallery, sales, comissions, etc. :) Prints and other products: Luna Art Store I like Drawing, painting, music, books, TV, internet. Favourite movies The Lord of the Rings. Favourite books The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. Favourite music Pop, rock, disco and new age.