Sigrid Rødli

I am seventeen and I go to school here in Norway. I study what is directly translated 'drawing, shape and colour'. I live in Norway with my family (two parents and two sisters, two bunnies, three rats and a cat). I am scared of bunnies... I mostly draw fantasy art. I get my inspiration from many places, but I think that nowadays, most of it comes from DnD. My pictures are drawn with pen or pencil or mechanical pencil, at least I think that is what it is called in english.. *hehe* ;) I draw because I love to do it. I have always been drawing. Even when I was a little child. Now I do it all of the time. That's not always a good thing... I really want to be able to live as a working artist when I grow up! Yeah, I know. Dull bio right? I am not very funny, or interesting.