Ricardo Graf

If you're into role playing, you probably faced the same problem: You got a stunning new character concept, created the character in hours of work ... and now ... a picture of your char is needed. You have something in your mind ... a glimps of what your char may look like.You may draw a picture ... if you are talented. You may search a picture ... and after hours and hours of searching, you will never get the exact match of what you have in mind.Finally, I said to me: "Do it yourself!" ... and this was the moment, where I got addicted into 3D-Art.Is it Art?I think yes ... it's the same type of Art like photographing. Find the right scene and the right model. Give your model the right look. Find the right composition of model, scene, light and shadow. And finally ... no, not "click!", but render, render, render ... sometimes for hours. Only to find out, that there's a strange shadow ... or a strange reflection where it shouldn't be.Plaese have a look at my work. I wouldn't call myself an "artist" ... but I would be happy, if you enjoy my images.