Silas Aleks

I'm a self-tought (and still self-teaching) illustrator living in Germany/ Europe. Although many of my latest pictures are done digitally my preferred drawing materials are pencil, colored pencils and I just started a try in watercolors. I'm a bit out of reality and I like trains, maps and lime-green. Roleplaying is my very passion and I'm one of the players who put hours of work into a character just for the fun of creating it. Nobody knows when the next well... very well worked out NPC is needed ;o) My commissions are open. You can find my rules here I like digital and traditional illustrations, fantasy, roleplay (D&D), Kyudo (japanese archery), mythology Favourite movies LotR, Dragon Heart Star Wars Favourite books The Neverending Story Favourite music Faun, Subway to Sally, Schandmaul, Corvus Corax, Saltatio Mortis, Unheilig, In Extremo, Nightwish, Within Temptation, ASP etc.