Heather Carey

 I basically write and draw. I'm currently writing a book, and while I may not post the book itself, I am posting small bits of what was rejected from the original idea or "what if" type things. I like Writing, drawing, reading, and talking. Lots of talking. I love dragons, too, such as my half dragon character Silastrix. Favourite movies How to train your dragon, big bang theory, dragonheart, dungeons and dragons movies, etc. etc. etc. Favourite books Skulduggery Pleasant, wolf tower, wolf star, wolf queen, wolf wing, the great tree of Avalon books, Harry potter, and much more. Favourite music All kinds, especially by blind guardian, qntal, Enaid, kamelot, muse, depeche mode, and others.

The Demon's Child (The Dragon Bandit)

This is a small actual chapter that I thought was okay to put here on Elfwood. I put it here because it gives a little insight into Lord Soth's character. He's a nice guy. Sure, he's infernal, but don't judge a demon by his horns. ;)

My Beloved Enemy (The Dragon Bandit)

THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL CHAPTER TO MY BOOK. This is just a kind of thing I thought would be interesting to write for those who encourage Coilastrix (Mortal Coil + Silastrix). It's a sinister kind of romance, one of the odder pairings, I'll admit. But I think it's still a little bit cute. Before you go on, I should explain the basic thingies here:Mortal Coil is the main bad guy. The antagonist.Silastrix is the main good guy. Er, girl. She's the protagonist.This is the part in my book a little after where the main antagonist captures the main protagonist and one of her friends, Kyto, and kind of holds them captive to see if he could strike a deal with him. If they agreed to side with him and become cyborg (part human and part machine) and assist him in removing humanity from the world, he would keep her and all of her friends safe in his "New World Order". But, of course, Silastrix disagreed and he had vowed he would kill her. However, when he finds himself roaming the corridors on a sleepless night, what does he truly realize? Read on to find out. ;)

Jack, Part 2 (The Dragon Bandit)

 In this piece (Post-Jack encounter), we find out more about the guild and its members. At the end, a kind of cute moment between Silas and Smythe.

Jack, Part 1 (The Dragon Bandit)

 So, I have decided to change the first chapter of my book. This is no longer the first chapter, but I thought I might keep it anyways. Please, please, PLEASE tell me what you think! Feedback - I must have it!Silastrix- female half-dragon woman. Smythe's best friend. No one else in the guild knows that she's a girl, because it would've made things harder for her to have gotten to be a member in the first place.Smythe- Looks a little like Ghostrider. If Smythe knew who Ghostrider was, he would reply with a good amount of indignation that he is NOT a THING like him. Yes, and he has the personality of the charming Skulduggery Pleasant. *Yay!* (This is NOT a fanfic of either of them!!)Mortal Coil- Creepy as all hells. You'll see him later.Lord Soth- The AMAZINGNESS. Inspired by Valen Shadowbreath. (Not a NWN or HotU fanfic either!!) You'll see him later. Named after a friend of mine. The guild is also named after a friend's idea.Kyto- A regular idiot. :)Amyranth- Guildmaster previous to Mortal Coil. Did he really go insane? Or did he know something the others didn't? He's a mix of crazy, sadistic, funny, bloodthirsty, and plain weird.Now, read on! :)