Christy Schoppert

Name: Christy Schoppert DoB: 15th of October 1986 Lives in: Holland Loves: Lord of the Rings, anything Tolkien, fantasy, elves, reading, drawing, writing. Hates: Immature people, techno, my English teacher. Favourite subjects to draw: Elves, angels, anything fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. There you have it. All the basic information I wish you to know ;) Basically I'm a Tolkien nut, have been so for quite a while. I'm hoping to start a fanquarter gallery but I first have to draw some more before that will be possible. I hope to improve drastically. Stats: Number of times I saw FOTR: 49 (07-02-04 d/m/y) Number of times I saw TTT: 41 (0-02-04) Number of times I saw ROTK: 9 (07-02-04) Number of times people asked if I have too much time on my hands: 283756 (07-02-04) 07-02-04: Deleted one picture.