I'm a slave to my imagination.  *Moderator's Choice(s)* - Outside the Window (October 23, 2003) - Voices in Her Head (November 13, 2003) - Melting Clocks ( March 29, 2004) - Maybe I Don't Want To Be An Elf Anymore: Part I, II,&III (June 22, 2004)  Check them out! I like Reading, Writing, NOT ARITHMETIC, drawing, painting, knitting, recycling, sewing Favourite movies Dresden Files, Dead Zone, Farscape, Firefly, Buffy Favourite books The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Women of the Other World series - Kelley Armstrong, Riley Guardian Series - Keri Arthur, Kitty Series - Carrie Vaughn, Anita Blake series - L.K. Hamilton, The Weather Warden Series - Rachel Caine, The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series - J. Ward, Dante Valentine Series - Saintcrow, Neverwhere - Gaiman Favourite music Dresden Dolls, Cat Power, Spoon, Ted Leo, Feist, Nellie McKay, Coheed & Cambria Goth, Punk, Experimental, Techno, Broadway, Opera, Classical, Jazz, Ska

Memories of Glass

An old woman returns to a ballroom that she danced in when she was young. Here, she relives her memories of dancing and romance (with a ghost).

The Savage Heart

Inspired by 'Werewolf' by Cat Power

Voices in Her Head

Azriel grew up in a world where people walked, ate, and breathed phones. Once one of her friends committed suicide, she can not help but want to rip the 'head-phone' out of the side of her face after realizing that the world has turned into speechless zombies, all text messaging each other instead of speaking. All her life, ads and voices echoed in her head, and she will do anything to stop it. -- This short story was inspired by the verizon wireless commericials and written during math as I watched two girls text messaging each other.

Escape Time

A creature watches and stalks. It craves hates it's immortality. Finally, it found a way to escape time... ---i was pondering the thought of time and how it must suck to live forever...and this is the result----

Melting Clocks

Daimon discovers his has the ability to time travel, but it has a price to be paid. He becomes lost in time...and he's not alone. ~ i wanted to try something new like time travel although it is over done. This is just what i think it would be like... This story was inspired by that paint of melting clocks...enjoy and tell me what you think =) ~

Maybe I Don't Want To Be An Elf (Part I,II,&III)

Not all elves are the same, especially Craig Erickson. Craig is the kind of Elf who like's to sit back and let the world pass him by...and while he does that, he unknowingly affects the world with his hilarious chaotic infectious stupidity. Here are three parts of The Craig Adventures....The Stereotype: Elves aren't what they seem to be....The Leprechaun : Where would you hide YOUR gold?....The Girlish Tree Faeries : why Craig just hates the outdoors...Enjoy =)

Create Me, Theodore

Just a quick swibble about how humans sometimes do not want to face their feeling. It is about a boy who tries to make a robo-prom date...not really a funny story...

If We Had Faces

Imagine a world with only four walls, a bed, a window, a door, and a computer. Your only way to contact other people is through the internet. You were raised to stay in your room and be happy. Imagine, not being happy anymore. This is a story of a world without faces, only usernames, and a boy named Darren who wants to remove all the masks...see all the faces...and start the new year.

Outside the Window

A short story about a young girl who draws in the dark...and is not alone.

Inside, Through, and Beyond the Window

That's it...The Window Series is done! And I decided to combine the last 3 chapters for space saving reason. Outside the Window (my first Mod's Choice!) is the first chapter... and these are the last three. All the chapters are short and they don't take that long to read =) Inside the Window: We start to get to know Celeste alitte and his feelings Through the Window: We discover the narrators secret and her 'power' over Celeste Beyond the Window: Through the power of time, we see suffering and heart break and eventually 'the end of it all'. (this i my favorite chapter since the first) Please leave comments, even if you only read one of the three chapters.