Kaylee 'Rysk' 525

I'm a free-spirited, independent lunatic. 'Anything for a good time,' is my motto. I'm gung-ho about life. I'm open and extroverted. I'm plotting to take over a random Carribean island. Routine work, however, makes me act up and throw things, and then people don't like me much anymore.... If life was a sound, it would be the wild, high-pitched cackle of the insane. I hate labels, but if I'm labeled by someone- as some insist on doing- I'm known as a punk. Anyhow, I'm now a fourteen-year-old kid with an addiction to eye candy. I like volleyball (my sport), art (duh), Zelda (mrrow), anything Tolkien, Redwall, and whatnot. Graffiti is also nice. Unusual for a girl, but still... nice. I write 'Rysk'. I tend to draw and/or tag in school when I should be taking notes. I'm writing a book, probably to be titled 'Avaniel'. No more details right now. It may get bits and pieces up in the Wyverns Library at some point, but I'm hoping to get it published someday... I'm a Christian, and pround of it! Basically, the world is sort of like a big coconut to me: tough and hairy on the outside, but when you get down into it, there's good stuff inside. Everything has its place, and I'm VERY aware of when something has been moved... As for the map... I... uh... live in Atlantis. Come and visit sometime, if you're not afraid of the giant rabid bunnies that we keep for pets.