Sarah Durtschi

I have to say, sorry for not uploading anything new.  Life is crazy, and I've not had time.  Perhaps sometime soon I'll upload more things, but for now, this poor page will be a historical record for my art, showing just how much I've progressed, you might say.? Time for a new bio.I am 21 and have been with Elfwood for a long time.  I enjoy drawing, it’s one of my ways of paying attention during talks and lectures.   Some of my hobbies(aside from drawing):Reading, Writing, Role Playing, Singing, Talking/being with friends, American Sign Language(which is more of an obsession than a hobby) and various other things. I don’t update nearly as much as I used to, and I’m planning on cleaning out my page so if you see a picture that you want kept up here, let me know and I’ll leave it.  If not, it’s likely leaving, unless I like it, or people are still commenting on it.I love getting feedback from people.  I know that my art is not the best, nor will it ever be, but I am always looking for improvements.  If you are just planning on leaving derogatory remarks, please don’t.  It is childish and helps no one.~~~~~~~~~~~well hope to get more stuff up as soon as I find a scanner that will work for me ,or i work myself up to use the digital camera again... -Update...Finally- Lots of new pics... because we GOT OUR SCANNER TO WORK!!! *does happy dance* the scanner is small, slow, and noisy but it's fairly good quality, and scarcely anyone in my family has been able to use it 'cause I've hogged it all to my self when they got it up and running. Remember to comment! I've worked hard for the past several days to get things up and looking nice, I also had to fight off my family to have the computer. so comment! ::UPDATE:: 11-20-04 some new pics! Go see Go see!::UPDATE:: 1-3-05 New pics! 12-30-04 I just chopped off and donated my hair and now it's just below shoulder length. It feels so strange to have short hair again! Ok now go and comment!::Update:: 9-19-05 Been going crazy with moving and signing up for classes in college... I'll be deleting some of my old pics soon, so either the ones that don't get manny comments, or I don't like as much as others are going to be booted :). Let me know which ones you like best and I'll try and keep those ones... ::Update::   11-7-05   ?Gracious!  It's been a while since I said I'v updated!  Any whoo, there are lots more pictures, many of them from RPGs that I've been playing, or that my friends have..  Go look and enjoy!  I've been taking a wtercolor class, and I'll eventually have pics up trom that.::Update:: 3-31-06  I really need to start updating more often.  I have many many new pictures, but as soon as I get them onto my computer and ready to put onto Elfwood,  I look at them again, and think that they don't look as good as I thought, even though my average peice now is many times better than my average peice when I was really active here.  Oh well,.  Some new ones this time around are: Erin Jedi,  3 eyes, Detailed Mage,  Look (a personal favorite) And I've updated the pic for Bird Lady, the new one, to me, looks better.ENJOY!Some awesome artists/authors:Melly! has some absolutly ADORABLE pics! Go look see! (she also has some awesome stories...)Melanie ~Starfire~ Teichroeb Karl: Truely stunning work, as well as a huge heart! William Li: Another amazing artist, one of the first people who's art I fell in love with here at Elfwood! Felix Lavallee: has a cartoon style of art that is fun and inspiring at the same time, another of my first exposures to Elfwood! Crystal Russell: one of the few authors that I come back to time and again! She has birlliant ideas that she shows through her wonderful work!