Erin Richards

I've been drawing for awhile, i have never had any profesional art instruction so bare with me if my drawings are a little roughe. My father has taught me most of what i know. I am beggining in art class next year and hoping that they will teach me something i don't know. I like to browse the other gallaries on here, they are quite nice. They give me inspiration and motivation for drawing myself, because i have learned that art is not one of those things that just come whenever you want to do it. It comes in inspiration for me, it's like a mood. I love the night and anything that has to deal with it, bats, vampires, wolves, owls, and cats. The ocean also facinates me along with the other assorted enviornments. I have always drwn dragons but as you can see the aren't any/many in my galllary at the moment, i have yet to draw one that i am proud of. There is one big inspiration in my life right now, and that is my Boyfriend, David. He has asked me to draw him, and i might put it on here labeled as ogre because that is his nickname and he has always liked it, he is a big fantasy fan also. I have both yahoo and MSn so if you want to talk just hit me up! I'm always online.