A. Storm*^~den Hollander

~^* WIEEEEEIJ *^~ Welcome to our realm! About me? Hmmm I am living near the sea and this somehow seems to inspire me and makes me dream away often. Most of those fantasies I have to put down on paper...so....here they are... Most of my drawings are made with pencil, but I still think about doing stuff in color...hmm...colorpencil?   I recently cleaned up my gallery. I had to move most older Lord of the Rings Fanart because i know i can do better know. They dated from 2003-2004.   If you want to see those pictures, and other pictures,  you van visit my webgallery, it can be found at: http://silverstorm.onsch.org/show.php?mmo=silver_gallery More of my recent work can be viewed at www.skarbog.com