Rebecca Domonkos

Hi peoples. My name is Rebecca Hart, but my friends call me 'Beckie'. I'm 31 and i have no idea where i'm going to school in the fall. I love science fiction and fantasy. It's my favories genre of...well...everything; movies, art, books, you name it. Besides, art (drawing) i also love writing, singing, playing guitar, and acting, tattoos, holes in my face with jewelry in it, aaaanndddd....other stuff that i cannot think of right now. some of my favorite authors are Stephen R. Lawhead (Taliesin), Garth Nix (Shades children, Sabriel), and C.S. Lewis (the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe). Some of my favorite movies are Blade runner, Fight Club (not sci-fi, but one of the sweetest movies i've ever seen! i love it!), and Surf ninjas (good movie!). if anyone wants to email me, for a trade or request or whatever, go ahead. OK, have fun stormin' the castle!