Hi thereI'm a 22-year old gal living in the south part of sweden.I've been a member of elfwood for a really long time now, at least seven or eight years or something. i just realised I hdn´t edited my profile or uploaded any new stuff for like three years so thats kinda embarassing.. anywys so most of the stuff here is old things i drew years back but I just posted som new things too as well so.. the art in the gallery mostly features charatcers I invented  for storys I've written during the years, mostly fantasy and adventure comics. I dont really write them anymore, but i still use the characters for new projects, as i cant let some of them go. I get a lot of inspiriation from music, books and comicbooks of different sorts.other than drawing i  studied art and graphic design during the last two years and hoping to get in to the university of architecture. I enjoy music, art, good books and stories, hanging out with friends, playing guitar, dinosaurs, whiskey, manga, fantasy, harry potter, traveling, design,irish music, drinking beer and red wine, cooking dinner and watching shows like true blood, greys anatomy and dexter.I'm an uncurable fantasy and sci-fi geek. I like movies by tarantino, david lynch and tim burton. I lived in new zealand for a year when I was younger and I have a big velociraptor tattoo on my back. Ithats about it.please feel free to look around and drop a comment and I'll see you out in the woods.