I love nature and I love to draw fantasy creatures, so did I created my fantasy pet; Djlolo, my bird-like dragon.I live in Flanders, sometimes life is boring out here. school makes it very boring, wel,  that's the reason that I love the weekend, finely time to draw what I see in my fantasy world.... I like I like different things; snakes, spiders, halloween and pumpkins are a few.... other things like nature and soft kinds of music are things who may not dissapear. I have a lovely fantasy pet, his name is Djlolo. He is a little sweet bird-like dragon. Even if he looks cute, he still can bite you in the face. I have alway other things on my mind, like; 'what will happen next morning at school?' At the weekend I try to forget the boring days at school, exept of course the good things with my friends at school and on elfwood. Making new friends is a good thing, positifly on Elfwood. I started to draw as far as I can remember, what meens very long! anyway, I'll try to do my best with my pensil, to make you see my creations, while they are living inside my world.... Favourite movies James cameron's Avatar, Apocalypto, Centurion Favourite books the invicible man Favourite music it sounds weard, but sometimes, i listen to soundtracks of different movies. i love some movies whit only there music. also; I love Jazz, its music whit the most feelings in just one song and that beat, hmmm, I just love it. reggae, salsa music and music that gives me a good feeling are for me very nice.