Whoo!  I haven't been here in a while.  So.  This is pretty much the recepticle for my old stuff.  I still don't draw prolifically, but most of my stuff is on dA now; I won't post it, since I think it's rude. Feel free to keep commenting.  I'm always ready to improve things.  But do realize this is very old stuff! I am no longer engaged.  I live with my mother, brother, and boyfriend in Sylacauga.  Things are tight, but perhaps it will be the fuel for creativity. I currently have a cat, three guinea pigs, and a bird.  My cat is with my ex.  My yellow bird passed Oct. 14 2007. I like Sewing, cosplay, webdesign. Writing, roleplay, reading way too many books. Internet, too many websites. Favourite books George R. R. Martin, Brian Jacques, Steven King Favourite music anime, classical, jazz, indie