E. Smith

Hey everyone, I'm back.Yes back. I was here before...A short while ago as a matter of fact.Either way, that doesnt matter too much now, as here's my work again. I'd prefer that nice long constructive criticisms were made, but short sweet little comments go over well with the muse also.

Clematis and Botox

Cae and Myrr are now highly regarded adventurers. Now they just hope their past doesn'y come back to bite them. I own Caeloren Kundenir. Myrr and Wrath Kundenir are owned by L.A. Richier and I have her permission to use the two. The World of Aquinos is owned by Nelson Audy and I have his permission to use it.


Something forbidden was going on in Kalendes. Most especially in the tower of the high arcane.

Shrapnel Dreams

War isnt always pretty. Or sometimes it is. Depends on whether or not you're in Normandy.