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Welcome to my little shelf, and thank you for coming, however you got here!  I hope you'll read whatever strikes your fancy, and even leave a comment, if you're so moved. Some new things I have up include "On Vampires," "The River," "Waiting for the Goddess," and some others I can't quite think of. Even newer things, once the ticket goes through, will include "The Mynah Bird and the Fox May Speak," and "Our Star-Boats." The Dark Angel Saga The Dark Angel Saga is the only straight-up series of stories I have here, and I utterly fail at ordering them nicely. This is my suggested reading order: Limits of RedemptionHand of RedemptionCried the ReaperThy Sting and VictoryAngel's BurdenDark Rook, Pale KingNever Yet An AngelLilith's CaveEvensongDemon EyesOf course, it's only really important to read Limits before Hand, and Cried before Thy Sting. All the rest are either about Aida, so it will have helped to read Cried  and Thy Sting, or Lilith, which means it helps to have read Hand. So. There you go! Artists-To-See Adele Sessler, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Josephine Becker, Katelyn *Kiki* Kikenstein, Christina Stoppa, Katharine Ebensteiner, Chella 'Klawz' Reaves, Erin Murray, Norma A. Peters,  Cindy Magee, Jessica 'Neon Dragon' Peffer, Eric Martin Writers-To-Read Alison M. Guynes, Garon Whited, Tim Whatever-His-Nickname-Is Schein, Hannu J. Kauppila, Tia Marie-Nicole Glomb, Connie 'Windpoet' Miller aka Summer, Amanda 'Kat' Warren, Bryn *Stardust Faery* Lepley, Christina Stoppa again, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law again,Larry Morris, Tom Solomons, Trish *Bunny* Saw, Laura J. Korska Pictures For Me! Cry of the Winged One from Erin E. Murray Takeis from Christina Stoppa Request Angel (also known as Red) from Hanna 'Solo' James

Infinite Generosity

Piece by piece, the world is replaced with machinery... Written because I was in class, and there were birds outside. Something seemed out of place to me.

Thy Sting and Victory

Continuing with the overuse of that Corinthians quote, 'O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?' (1 Corinthians, 15:55) This is the sequel to Cried the Reaper so make sure you've read that! We find out what happens to Aida and Daron after the fall. For the love of all things pastry, please don't kill me at the ending. I'm very, very sorry. All poetry (c) me. EDIT: Thanks to the mods for the Mod's Choice, and to everyone who's commented! My eyes practically fell out of my head when I saw that...especially since Cried got a Mod's too! Golden feathers dance in my eyes. ^_^


You may already know her story; it is an old, old story. It is the story of a garden, and the loss of perfection. You may already know Lilith's story, but this is not hers. This story is not so old as that, for Lilith is older than all things. This story is about Eve. This is Eve's story of the garden and the snake's secret smile. I was a little hesitant to write this at all, and even more hesitant to put it on Elfwood. It does have a heavy religious tone to it, but I'm not trying to preach anything. I've been obsessed with telling Lilith's side of the story, and when someone suggested I tell Eve's, I couldn't resist. I apologize if this offends anyone in any way. Glossary of Hebrew terms (italics) at the end of the story. Comments and critiques welcomed. Enjoy!

Ghost Dancer

A ghostly woman will dance forever...and her husband will search for her until the end of time. Two poems that really need to be read together...sad stuff. Partially inspired by The Scottish Widow by J.E. Shannon here on Elfwood.

Cried the Reaper

And then there was Aida, just for Hanna! This turned out angstier than I meant for it to be, but I still like it. Aida is the Angel of Death-one of the five dark angels, a necessary evil. And the rest, you'll have to find out! 9/13/04-Guhbuhduhhuhwha? Mod's Choice? Me? ...Thank you all so much for your comments! You make me very happyful. And thank you to the Mods! *beams* For everyone who asked...yes, this will be continued, and yes, I'll let you know when. ^.^ Oh, yes. All poem-bitties are (c) me.

Where the Buttermoths Fly

On a moonlit beach, two star-cross'd lovers meet.

In a Certain Long and Dusty Hall

Written for the Muffin Girl! Go here. Now! This is actually disgustingly overdue. Miffy won a contest I had to bring me the heads of 15 flamers. She passed with flying colors! So here we are. Guest appearances by Brooke the Bloody, Obi-Wan Cookie as Vida, and my poor insane brother Noah. They all participated too, but apparently no one comes as close to coolness as does Miffy.

Dark Rook, Pale King

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when? --Hillel The Reaper lays us all to rest. Do you challenge her at her own game?

On Vampires

Two short drabbles about vampires from my Dark Angelverse. But you don't believe in vampires, do you?

The Mynah Bird and the Fox May Speak

We are children of the vast forest, wards of the mynah bird and the fox.

Faded Flower for the Queen

A new take on the myth of Persephone. When all the gods of old were replaced, what happened to those who had no place in the new world? Some, like Persephone, fade... And some, like Persephone, do not fade gracefully.

Satellites and Old Moons

One week, it rained a lot down here. I was very very sad. The end! Well, then I wrote a poem.

Hand of Redemption

Second half of Redemption's story! (The other being Limits of Redemption, so read that first if you haven't yet.) Redemption is fallen and has been taken to Hell. Not a particularly pleasant experience. Disclaimer: I twisted Judeo-Christian tradition to suit me. 'Ben-Shachar' (it's in there somewhere) is the Hebrew for 'Son of the Morning.' The verse referring to Lucifer in the later part of this story is Isaiah 14:12. And more information, in case this wasn't long enough. I ripped off Dylan Thomas, even though Red don't know that. All poem-bits are mine, (c) me! Enjoy!

The River

On the bank of the river, we return to face our ghosts. Are the ghosts of memory real? Whatever they are...they are ghosts that reach out. Don't get caught by the river; you won't come back.


The darkness within is often as bad as the darkness without...

Angel's Burden

Inspired by this picture by Cindy Magee. I saw it, and Aida immediately jumped into my head. In case you don't know her, Aida is my Angel of Death character, who generally channels Bubbles of the Powerpuff Girls. Yes.

Limits of Redemption

Cliffhangers. Bwaha. Next in this series is a similar story, but Aida next time. Then Sidya, Daron, and Lesetan. *Then* we find out when happens to them after the fall. Bwahaha! Before you read, keep in mind that the angels are how *I* want angels to be, not how Christianity or Judaism shapes them. Heaven here works how I want it to. Anyway, Redemption is one of the five dark angels-one of the necessary evils. She's not a happy angel, no... (This is the revised version) Oh, yes. And all poem-bitties are (c) me.

Demon Eyes

There is only one rule in all of Creation that remains the same: Lilith feeds. ** (Mods: Dang, I knew I forgot something. I SORRY!)

Waiting for the Goddess

'Power,' she said, 'I will give you power unimaginable.' 'In return for what?' 'Blood...I will take it from you in blood.' And he said yes, the fool. ** As noted below, the bit of poetry italicized belongs to someone else. The plot has since changed in The Lonely One, my always in-progress novel, but this was originally how Danal, King of Azon, would bring about the destruction of his kingdom, leaving his daughter, Sayna Rian, to pick up the pieces. He makes a bargain with the War Goddess R'naya to restore Azon to glory; in return she will eventually come back and end his House, and someone else will inherit the kingdom. When the time comes, he refuses to pay. Lady R'naya of War, so rarely happy to begin with, does not treat Azon kindly.

Grounded Stars

Same thing as Winter Sky-only differenter! A lament to the loss of the stars...(please have read Winter Sky! It'll make more sense, I promise) To me, this is the person we've seen in Winter Sky and Winter Day. In a world where her old, good ways are shunned, she is nearly alone in clinging to them. The loss of the stars is symbolic of her ultimate downfall (sad, I know). If you have another idea behind this, go ahead and tell me!

Our Star-Boats

Once we sailed across the stars...we are older now, but the stars will be always be our own.

Winter Sky

All right, time for a new summary up here. Yay me? So...As Kristina so nicely summed up, evil is the ruling power in this world, and the good are struggling to carry on. The fallen stars and other despondent imageries (<<not a word) are mourning the fall of good. If, however, you think you've got another meaning, I would luff to hear it!!

Never Yet an Angel

Before the world was ever grey, there was only the white of the gan, the garden, and the blackness outside. The sin of man unleashed both upon the world--but what of those who were set loose from the garden before that? This is Lilith's side of her story, taken from her tale in Hand of Redemption and elaborated upon. Lilith ain't all cookies and soul-sucking, you know. Words you oughta know: gan: garden

Lilith's Cave

Take a step into Lilith's cave, where your nightmares smell of cinnamon and the walls are lit by magic or anger or fear. A bit of a more traditional approach to Lilith, as the soul-sucking, man-devouring Queen of All Demons. Not the cookie-eating side of Lilith that Redemption knows, but Lilith all the same.

The Long Hunter

The Long Hunter returns to the world. What came before the Long Hunter, if there is only the hunt? Just an idea I had, and then wrote down, mostly to prove to myself that after mostly Dark Angels for two years I could still write in third person. Will there be more? No one knows.