Tasllyn(in the beginning)(2001)

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Vidya Enantia┬┤ Gopalakrishna

This is the first outfit I ever designed for Tas. Honestly, it was based (very) loosely on Lina Inverse's outfit from Slayers. Then again, Tas was originally designed to be a combination of me and Lina Inverse. Anyway, I posted this mainly as a comparison. Heh, as you can tell from later drawings, her stock outfit has changed a bit.Mechanical Pencil/background touched up in Photoshop CS to get rid of the majority of smudges (and the picture that was behind it in my sketchbook because the scanner picked it up through the page. Stupid scanner....).

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Category Fantasy

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Snow White (2004)

Ok, I know, everyone is already familiar with this tale. I've just always been fascinated by the phrase 'white as snow, red as blood, black as ebony.' So this poem is written ENTIRELY with that basis in mind. the meter isn't as perfect as i'd like, and there is no real identifiable rhyme scheme, so don't start looking for one. Enjoy!

What Tears May Come(Original - 2002; Rewrite - 2004)

This story was originally written for a creative short stories class(that i dropped out of because i REALLY couldn't agree with the teacher's ideas. or personality.) this isn't my favorite story, but I did really like the concept that brought it together, which was that humans die long before faeries do.unfortunately, my hard drive decided to be mean to me and completely corrupted the original version of the story, and so i had to rewrite it from memory, something I absolutely HATE doing(I need to learn to make backups...come to think of it, maybe I have a printed version...i'll have to check) this is that rewritten version. i don't think i captured the theme and stuff like i did in the original, althoug h there's probably a couple of things better in this version. ::shrugs:: i'll keep praying that I find that copy, but in the meantime, here ya go!

The Curse of Caerassa - Chapter 3

Here comes Chapter 3! One warning--I have a few problems with this chapter, so it's probably going to be rewritten by the time i write chapter 4, some stuff may get shuffled around. I'd particularly like comments and critiques about the first and the last scene - and anything else that gets your attention. Hope you enjoy!

Naga Adventures: Snakes and Stones(2004)

Everyone hates snakes. Snakes represent all that is deceitful and evil. They are poisonous creatures that bite and kill any living creature that comes across their path. Or are they? This is the story of a boy who must fight his village's prejudices against the serpentine species. This was actually meant to be the first story in a series of stories involving the relationships between snakes and humans and mainly focusing on Sarras(where, hopefully, he won't sound like such an idiot. oh well, he's got excuses for this story). Unfortunately, this is the only one that actually got into a planning stage, let alone getting written out. And I still don't have any other ideas for more Naga stories. So.....if anyone want to throw an idea my way along with their comments, I'd be happy to hear it! Anyway, enjoy! p.s. i wrote this after reading all five harry potter books. any similarities are purely coincidental. i just have a thing for black hair and green eyes ^_^UPDATE: some corrections made. working on the rest. don't let that stop you from pointing things out to me though!

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