Jenna Singleton

Jenna -- 24 this year, now in fact graduated. I have little time to do art, but every once in a while when I need to procrastinate I make time. So what usually happens is that I do fan art. It is truly a joy of mine. So my  inspirations are many -- book series (Robin Hobb, Goodkind, Brooks, Martin, Jordan, Rowling, ... I could go on, but I've actually had less time to read than I'd prefer lately), nature (living in BC Canada provides much, but I really need to learn how to paint - i'm working on that now), family, pets, anime/magna (Fruits Basket, FMA, Naruto,  Bleach and any others that peak my interest -- and a slew of other things. Well my FanArt gallery features my fav characters of the anime I watch.... this means we get Ed, Inu, Shikamaru... who knows who'll you'll find or who will jump out on any particular day. Most of my stuff is pencil and pencilcrayon, and other traditional media, though I've started to use art markers in some of my more recent stuff. I've actually branched into using my Microsoft paint program, and you'd be amazed what procrastination and patience can turn out of this program! Hope you enjoy the few things I have up here! It seems that I'm slowly gaining some more material! Comments are appreciated, and I do eventually reply to them all! Please give me some critisism too! CURRENT PROJECTS: sculpture scrapped. Making a replica of Syaoran Li's sword (this project fell through too). Attempting to use photoshop and illustrator -- not going so well. Anyone know of some good tutorials or tips? NEWS: Employed. Now i can actually afford different things...yay! Favourite books George R. R. Martin, Robin Hobb