Jane Richer

 I love to collect dragons and cows! Why cows you ask, 'Well the dragons have to eat something!' lol I like pottery, writing, reading alot, mostly fantasy and scifi; an occasional mushy romance sneaks in and of course vampire and werewolves. Favourite movies Star Trek the next generation, Star Wars the older movies, Star Gate sg1,Star Gate Atlantis. The Last Starfighter, the older version of V, The Fifth Element, Dr. Who (any of the who's), Battlestar Galactica(older version) and many more that escape me now, will add more later. Favourite books Anything that Anne Norton(Andrew North in her earlier works) or Anne McCaffery does(Her Dragonriders of Pern series rocks) Edger Rice Burroughs his Tarzan at the earth's core and his Mars and Pellucidar series. Favourite music 80's Rock and Roll, some modern stuff, Eminen,Pink,etc Country and Western old and new!

Coming of Age-Parts1&2

Short story although I am toying around with making it, part of a world I am calling Dastan. On this world is a place, the tangerian wastes, devoid of people and two clans are present there the Meri and the Feri. These clans of cat-like creatures are ancient enemies but neither remember why and still attack each other. Female Meri steal young males from the Feri clan and mate with them  and lord over the captive males. Many tales are told by the Feri as a way of teaching young to protect themselves and to kill any Meri that approaches. This is what Atalan has been taught, yet he still is surprised to see one; a female, let alone have her challenge him!