This here... my Angel.

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Costas Serakis

The dark thing behind the girl speaks to you. It has a deep, gravelly, inhuman voice. - Oh... welcome... welcome. Have you lost your way? - What? What am I? Well I'm obviously... well... I, honestly, don't know. Although I do know, I used to be a human. Woman or man, good or bad... I don't remember. I don't remember my name, my family, my job... nothing... But, yeah, I was human a loooooooooong time ago. - Uh...? Who...? Oh this woman? She is my angel. Her name is Clara. I think... She didn't tell me her name. I think she is mad because I stole her. - I stole her. Yes... From her house. I was looking for someone to eat and I saw her through a window. I remember going in her house, but I didn't eat her for some reason... So... I stole her. - She was crying at first. Boy, was she noisy. She told me that her parents will look for her. So I got angry... so angry. I went back to her house and I killed them, and then I ate them. When I got back, I told her that I killed her parents so that they won't find her... ever. She didn't believe me... So I... I... Put my hand in my mouth and pulled out her mother's head from my belly. When she saw that, she fell asleep for a couple of minutes and when she woke up, she began crying even more. She said that her boyfriend will find her and that he's gonna kill me... So I went back to her house and I found out where her boyfriend lives. So I got there, killed him and ate him too. I took a ring from his left hand, before eating him, for proof. When she saw, his ring, she began crying again. She said then, that her brother will find her and lock me up... in a jail... because he is a cop. I don't know what is a cop... or a jail... but it sounded bad. So I got up... and well you know the rest. I ate him, his wife and his children. The little girl's name, I think, was Sarah and she was 5 years old. She told me that, before I began eating her, for some reason. Yes, I didn't kill her, or the other kid, because it's bad to hit children... So I ate them alive. - I figured then, that I can search all her other family members and friends and eat them too... Uh? How many? Oh I don't remember... but there were A LOT. I'm almost half full. But when I told her, she stopped crying... Yup... She said "there is no hope" and stopped... Although I don't know what is "hope", if there isn't any, it's good. She also stopped talking and eating. That makes me kinda sad... but look, isn't she beautiful? If I put my hands like this... She looks like an angel. Wings... Get it?... Angel... Get it? MY ANGEL. MY ANGEL. FLY MY ANGEL. - Uh? Where are you going? You know I can't let you leave... YOU'LL TELL... no one can know... So please stay there... Look at Clara... and I will be right there... Thank you, if you spend some of your time reading this It means A LOT.

Published More than a year ago

Category Horror / Monster/Supernatural beings

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